Bulgaria and Romania (12 August 1915)

With the stalemate continuing on the western front and tense uncertainty about who held the overall advantage, everyone was eager to encourage new allies to join their side. Countries like Romania and Bulgaria had motives for entering the war, but were cautious about choosing which alliance to join, thus creating competition between the Entente and the Central Powers for their loyalty. On August 12, 1915, the Ayr News suggested that the Crown Prince of Servia was regrettably a hindrance to the recruitment of Bulgaria, which coveted parts of Servian territory inhabited by ethnic Bulgarians. In order to secure Bulgaria as an ally, which the article is convinced would quickly end the war, the Prince of Servia would have to agree to forfeit control over part of his own country. In other words, one ally within the Entente would have to be betrayed in order to secure another.

Ayr News, August 12, 1915.


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