“The Call for Recruits” (6 July 1915)

An editorial in the Berlin Daily Telegraph directly addressed to “you, who are in Berlin” highlighted several of the fears relating to low recruitment numbers in the city. The writer felt that the three understrength (i.e. not full) Berlin companies of the 108th Regiment in addition to the 150 men who had joined the three contingents of the Canadian Expeditionary Force were not sufficient in a town with a population of 20 000.
The writer then discussed a speech given by the leader of the Ontario Liberals, N.W. Rowell. Rowell stated that if Germany were able to keep it current position, it could easily have “mastery over Europe.” Even if driven back to its own borders, if its armies were allowed to stay intact, the indecisiveness of the victory would force the next generation to maintain constant armies and military production.
This editorialist was linking the need for more recruits from Berlin with the goal of making the Great War the war to end all wars.

(“The Call for Recruits,” Berlin Daily Telegraph, 6 July 1915.)Berlin Daily Telegraph-1915-07-06-Call for Recruits