Lays Down His Pen (22 July 1915)

On July 22, 1915 the Waterloo Chronicle paid tribute to the passing of a respected man of their profession. Earlier in the week, one of the two editors of the local German-language Berliner Journal passed away. John Rittinger was a respected voice among both German and English speaking residents, and seemed to act as  a bridge between the two communities whose relationship was being tested by events overseas. This article spoke highly of Rittinger’s character and ability as a journalist, as well as his loyalty to Canada and its values, despite his German heritage. Staff at the Berliner Journal, however, must have taken this news the worst. Already struggling in an awkward situation, the loss of such a charismatic leader could only make things more difficult.

Waterloo Chronicle, July 22, 1915.


Death of Rittinger