Canada Not to Fear Say German-Americans (5 July 1915)

Canada not to fearFears and rumours that Canada would be invaded by Germany were real fears during the First World War, and in early July 1915, Major Robinson of the 21st Regiment was warned that a force was coming and a home guard was set up to keep watch. Fears such as these were understandable, especially as it was claimed at a conference of the Deutscher Bund in Detroit, “If Germany is to get Canada it would be ceded in the regular way at the end of the war.” Meaning if Germany took Canada and was victorious in the war while Canada was still in their control, Canada would be given to Germany. This German-American political group was also quick to assure Canadians that Germans felt no ill will towards them as they knew Canada had no say in whether or not it went to war and nine out of every ten soldiers in the Canadian army was born in the British Isles. They noted that men born in Canada joined the Canadian armed forces in a much smaller number because they knew there was nothing for them to gain in the war. Therefore, Germans had no quarrel with Canadians.


“Canada Not to Fear Say German-Americans,” Berlin Daily Telegraph, July 5, 1915.