The Second Battle of Ypres (19-26 April 1915)

The Second Battle of Ypres, a town in Belgium, was the first major battle in which Canadians fought. As the week went on, the dispatches from London reported the important contributions of Canadians including the recapture of four 4.7-inch guns and the capture of a large number of German prisoners. A number of British officials and Prime Minister sent their congratulations and appreciation to the Canadian officers at the front for their valour and gallantry.
This was also the first battle in which the Germans used chlorine gas that in many cases caused acute bronchitis and resulted in death by asphyxiation. By the end of the week, the British government was responding to an outcry from the public to supply the troops with gas masks.
By the time the battle was over, Canada suffered 6000 casualties. This amounted to one third of their effective strength in April 1915. This would contribute to the call for increased strength in the coming months.

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"The Second Battle of Ypres" by Richard Jack

“The Second Battle of Ypres” by Richard Jack