More Dissent from Waterloo Region Farmers over “Patriotism and Production” (7 April 1915)

In March of 1915, the Central Dumfries Farmers’ Club expressed their disapproval of the Canadian government’s Patriotism and Production Campaign as wasteful spending. They were not the only local farmers’ organization to share this sentiment. The Central Waterloo Farmers’ Club expressed similar objections to the campaign and its local meetings. The Berlin Daily Telegraph reported that the club made a formal objection to campaign not only as a misallocation of government funds but as an insult to the patriotism of Canadian farmers:

“We believe that the farmers of this fair Dominion of ours need no urging at this time from any Government to make them loyal and that this campaign will not make any material difference in their loyalty to their country or in their efforts in production.”

(“Famers’ Club is Opposed to Government Plan,” Berlin Daily Telegraph, 7 April 1915.)