“Her sacrifice” (7 April 1915)

A fictional story, which was connected to the war and its difficulties, was printed in the Berliner Journal. It dealt with a young German girl, who was engaged to a Russian student, who had to go back to St. Petersburg. She was sad about it and missed him. When she learned that there would be war against Russia, she was very afraid and didn’t know what to do. She searched every day in the newspapers after the name of her fiancé, trying to find out if he was imprisoned as a spy. Over a few days, she noticed a man, which seemed very old and very young at the same time and she was worried about him. At a public assembly she noticed the strange man again and suddenly recognized that it must be her fiancé. She called his name out loud and then he was arrested as a Russian spy. The young woman cried and realized that she had made her sacrifice for the war effort.

BJ-1915-04-07-Her sacrifice

(„Ihr Opfer“, Berliner Journal, 7 April 1915)