“The German and Austrian interned reservists in Toronto” (2 December 1914)

As reported by the Berliner Journal, a visit to the interned German and Austrian reservists in Toronto found that the men were not complaining about the food or the treatment, but said that they were generally satisfied so far. Some expressed a wish for tobacco, games and good books, which was apparently granted by the officer in charge, as well as a Christmas celebration.

Likewise, the Berliner Journal later informed its readers that the American ambassador in Berlin had told the British foreign office that British war prisoners in Germany were also receiving many luxuries such as cigarettes and chocolate sent to them by friends.

BJ-1914-12-02-The German and Austrian interned reservists in Toronto

(„Die deutschen und österreichischen internierten Reservisten in Toronto“, Berliner Journal, 2 December 1914; „Wohltaten für Gefangene“, Berliner Journal, 28 April 1915)