“Reunion on the battle field” (9 December 1914)

Three brothers of a family in Berlin went to the war (one as a staff surgeon, one as a captain and one as a cadet). They hadn’t heard anything from another since the war broke out, because they were in different regiments. One day, the staff surgeon and the captain met each other and were happy, but had to part again after a few hours. Hours later, after a battle, the staff surgeon was told by other soldiers that his brother, the captain, was dead. He searched for him on the the battle field, couldn’t find him and went on to another battle field, where suddenly his youngest brother called his name. The surgeon managed to care for him, so that he would not bleed to death.

BJ-1914-12-09-Reunion on the battle field

(„Ein Wiedersehen auf dem Schlachtfelde“, Berliner Journal, 9 December 1914)