Ban of German newspapers? (2 December 1914)

By December, 1914 the Berliner Journal already had a scare over the possibility of being shut down by the Canadian censorship board. A reader’s anecdote demonstrated the confusion about which newspapers were allowed to publish in Canada during the war. He wanted to pick up the Berliner Journal, but the people at the post office claimed that this German-Canadian newspaper would not be available any more. The reader complained about this and asked whether this reflected the gratitude of the Canadians or the British for what the German population in this region had already done for the war effort. The people here had given more money to the Patriotic Fund than any other city in Canada.

The Berliner Journal replied to this letter by assuring readers that the newspaper was allowed to continue publishing after an investigation by Ottawa and that the post office staff must have been mistaken.

BJ-1914-12-02-Ban of German newspapers

(„Deutsch-canadische Zeitungen nicht verboten“, Berliner Journal, 2 December 1914)