The War and German Immigrants (9 September 1914)

On September 2, the Berliner Journal published an article about the difficult situation of German-Canadians. The editors encouraged their readership to stay calm and not provoke their fellow citizens. By emphasizing that their new homeland provided very good living conditions and that they were treated well by their Canadian neighbours, the editors made it clear that being loyal towards the country they lived in was important as loyalty and honesty were well-known German attributes. They stated that most of the German-Canadians were born in Canada and therefore did not have a strong connection to their German origins. Other immigrants who had just migrated to Canada should acknowledge the fact that they were treated well and therefore should be loyal too. The editors tried to be mediators: By encouraging the German-Canadians to stay neutral and explaining the situation they wanted to protect the German community.

BJ-1914-09-09-The War and German Immigrants

(“Der Krieg und die eingewanderten Deutschen” Berliner Journal, 09 September 1914)