Ross Rifle (5 August 1914)  

On 5 August, the Canadian Government placed an order for 15,000 No. 3 Canadian Ross Rifles. The Ross Rifle Factory was to complete this order as soon as possible, which led them to hire extra workers to complete the order. This rifle was chosen by the Canadian Militia Department for its apparent superiority. Canadian military experts had proclaimed the rifle the best military arm in the world. The goal was to have enough rifles for all 25,000 men who would be assembling at Valcartier for training before going to the Europe. The Canadian Government placed additional rush orders for the rifle, so that in the event of a second or even third contingent, they would be ready to send the men overseas with arms.

(“Commands Home Fleet,” Waterloo Chronicle Telegraph, 6 August 1914; “No. 3 Ross Rifle for Canadians,” Hespeler Herald, 20 August 1914.)