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Austria Declares War on Servia (28 July 1914)  

On 28 July 1914, Austria declared war on Servia. On 23 July, Austria had issued an ultimatum to Servia. On 25 July, Austria received Servia’s response to the ultimatum. Although Servia agreed to comply completely with all but one demand, Austria was dissatisfied. Austria announced that they did not believe that the Serbian Government was sincere in their response to the ultimatum. Austria did not believe that the Serbian government was determined to put an end to the anti-Austrian sentiments being carried out against the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in Servia and the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dissatisfied, Austria declared war on Servia and engaged the Serbian army along the Danube, a river in central and Eastern Europe. In the following days, hostilities between the two armies increased. The world waited anxiously to see if other nations would be pulled into the conflict.

(“Mediation is Urged,” Berlin Daily Telegraph, 28 July 1914; “The Troubled East,” Elmira Signet, July 30.)

Austria Declares War on Serbia (28 July 1914)